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The Saint Marys School of Nursing Alumni Association was formed by Anna Jamme on July 13, 1910, following the first official commencement exercise. The association was incorporated in 1918 under the laws of Minnesota and contains articles of incorporation (last amended in 1971 after the school's closing) and bylaws (last amended in 1996).

The alumni association remains an active group governed by elected officers: president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer. The past president also resides on the board. An annual meeting is held each fall, which includes a banquet and the election of officers.

The group's alumni have worked throughout the world. The nurse behind the school's cap and pin is recognized as one of the best. Saint Marys alumni have served the United States in the military, beginning with World War I through Desert Storm.

During World War II, the school's service flag represented 249 graduates as part of the military. Alumni were proud to be part of the Cadet Nurse Corps, and the school admitted the most Japanese-American students to the Cadet Nurse Corps program than any other school in the United States.

Sister Joseph Endowment Fund

The Sister Joseph Endowment Fund was established by Sister Joseph in 1906 as a means to provide financial assistance to nursing students pursing accredited academic nursing education.

In 1930, the Sister Joseph Scholarship Fund for Saint Marys School of Nursing was established as a trust fund. In 1937, the name was changed to the Sister Joseph Endowment Fund for Saint Marys School of Nursing.

After the nursing school closed in 1970, the Saint Marys Hospital Board of Trustees established a Tuition Fund for Nursing Education. Income from the Sister Joseph Endowment Fund was allocated for this purpose.