Mayo Clinic education experts share their knowledge to train future medical professionals.

Reimagine teaching and learning: Mayo Clinic Education Solutions combines the art and science of education. We help your organization build an education infrastructure to develop the health care workforce of the future.

For more than 150 years, Mayo Clinic's expert educators have developed and delivered world-class education to generations of outstanding physicians, surgeons and allied health care workers. Mayo Clinic Education Solutions offers your team the opportunity to tap into Mayo Clinic's experience and expertise to expand and improve education programs and services.

Consulting tailored to your education goals

Mayo Clinic Education Solutions provides customized services to help your organization achieve its education objectives. When you engage with us, we provide personalized guidance from start to finish.

Consultation steps include:

  • Needs assessment. Our education team works with you to understand your specific education goals.
  • Site visit. Along with expert teachers and administrators, Mayo Clinic Education Solutions brings in appropriate subject-matter experts to conduct a full assessment of your education needs through face-to-face interaction.
  • Proposal. We provide you with a detailed project proposal that includes contracting, responsibilities, timeline and pricing.
  • Implementation. Our team works side by side with yours to ensure the successful execution of quality education, programming and enrichment to achieve your goals.
  • Evaluation. From the beginning of your project through completion, we assess key performance indicators for effective implementation and provide you with feedback for success.

Educators work with subject matter experts to meet organizational goals.

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