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Mayo Clinic Education Platform


Mayo Clinic Education Platform consultants

Our services are backed by the No. 1 brand in medical education: Mayo Clinic. With more than 150 years of medical education expertise, we are the standard for medical education both domestically and globally.

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Whether you're developing a new program, need assistance with graduate medical education accreditation, expanding existing opportunities, or honing the expertise of your organization's medical professionals, Mayo Clinic Education Platform can help you build the education infrastructure and make the collaborative connections you need.



Customized programming

What we can do for your organization

We provide customized services to help your organization achieve its education objectives. When you engage with us, we provide personalized guidance from start to finish. 

Next steps include:

  • Needs assessment. Our education team works with you to understand your specific education goals.
  • Site visit. Along with expert teachers and administrators, Mayo Clinic Education Platform brings in appropriate subject-matter experts to conduct a full assessment of your education needs through face-to-face interaction.
  • Proposal. We provide you with a detailed project proposal that includes contracting, responsibilities, timeline, and pricing.
  • Implementation. Our team works side-by-side with yours to ensure the successful execution of quality education, programming, and enrichment to achieve your goals.
  • Evaluation. From the beginning of your project through completion, we assess key performance indicators for effective implementation and provide you with feedback for success.

Explore our services

Consulting: Leverage Mayo Clinic expertise to develop education programs

Mayo Clinic Education Platform leverages Mayo Clinic's medical education and education operations expertise to help elevate your institution to the next level.

Education consulting services are available to help you:

  • Develop new or improve existing programs, academic units, or entire schools
    • Prepare for accreditation and licensing
    • Develop new or analyze existing curricula and learning designs
    • Prepare for re-accreditation
    • Become licensed in allied health programs
  • Establish new or improve existing simulation-based education offerings
  • Create unique programs of study in areas such as:
    • Professionalism
    • Medical ethics
    • Humanities in medicine
    • Quality improvement
  • Analyze your organization's strengths and weaknesses in medical education operational areas including:
    • Education technology
    • Medical libraries
    • Student services
    • Accreditation

Analysis may include a visit to your institution, as appropriate.

Collaboration: Develop personalized partnerships to create ancillary education opportunities

Working with Mayo Clinic Education Platform opens the door to Mayo Clinic's professional network, creating opportunities for you and your organization to develop personalized partnerships including:

  • Academic affiliations
  • Embedded programming
  • Student and medical professional exchange programs

Customized programming: Ongoing conference support and classes for continuing medical education

Mayo Clinic Education Solutions offers learning experiences for your organization's health care practitioners, leadership, and management, providing access to leaders in the field to help expand and refine current knowledge. Professional development opportunities include:

  • Medical, surgical, and administrative themed conferences developed and taught by Mayo Clinic experts.
  • Pre- and post-conference days customized to your audience.
  • Courses featuring Mayo Clinic-tested approaches in:
    • Leadership
    • Professionalism
    • Medical ethics
    • Diversity in higher medical education
    • Health care management
  • Access to Mayo Clinic Quality Academy comprehensive quality improvement curricula, including face-to-face or online modules and assessment. Curricula include basic to advanced levels and address all learners.
  • Faculty development offerings focused on enhancing the skills and abilities of teachers who educate health care professionals.
  • Personalized, one-on-one career development, including:
    • Preceptorships for medical, surgical, and administrative staff, offered on-site at Mayo Clinic
    • Mentoring and coaching
    • Review and evaluation at your organization
  • Individualized clinical or administrative symposia on select topic(s) for designated providers, administrators, or health care teams.