The Graduate Research Employment Program (GREP) is a short-term employment program offered by the research arm of Mayo Clinic, but co-sponsored and supported by Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Information is available internally for potential sponsors of GREP students (see link below). However, the purpose of this page is to provide information about the actual process for seeking a GREP position.

Here is the recommended process:

  1. Determine if you are eligible for GREP. The GREP program is specifically for college graduates (U.S. citizens or permanent residents) seeking one to two years of research experience before application or admission to professional school, such as medical school or graduate school.

  2. Identify a sponsor, employer or mentor. GREP requires identification of a Mayo Clinic physician or scientist who will hire the student as a short-term technologist. Potential hiring mentors can sometimes be found among the list of faculty who are actively seeking Ph.D. students. There may be other options as well. Interested applicants can survey the list for labs of interest and then reach out by email, providing an introduction using language such as this:

    "I am interested in Mayo's Graduate Research Employment Program (GREP) for recent college graduates like myself, who are heading eventually to M.D. or Ph.D. training. GREP offers one to two years of technologist research experience along with eligibility to take graduate courses at Mayo Clinic.

    I understand that participation in the program involves finding a mentor who is enthusiastic about hiring me as a short-term technologist (one to two years). I have been told that Mayo research administrators have full information about GREP, with annual costs to the mentor of about $40,000.

    I have attached my CV and would be eager to speak with you by phone or email if you are interested in discussing a potential research experience in your lab."

  3. Contact the research administrator. When a sponsor is identified, that sponsor should be instructed to contact his or her research administrator for details about how the student should formally apply for the position online in order to complete the match.

  4. Apply online. Interested students must apply for the Graduate Research Employment Program (GREP) via the Mayo Clinic job posting website. For Rochester, Minnesota, the job posting number is 78850BR; in Jacksonville, Florida, the number is 79491BR.

Questions may be directed to Human Resources by contacting HR Connect at 507-266-0440.

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