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Become a mentor

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Each student in the RISE for Youth Program will be partnered with mentors from both Mayo Clinic and the community. These professionals will bridge the connection between classroom theory to on-the-job application. This opportunity will allow students to build relationships with leaders, including those with diverse backgrounds who can share learnings from their own career paths and challenges, as well as enable learners to see themselves in roles that previously may not have seemed achievable to them.

Mentorships are all about connections. We encourage our mentors to connect these students with other colleagues for additional mentorship opportunities.

The RISE for Youth Program engages two types of mentors:

Primary mentors
Primary mentors have a 1:1 relationship with a mentee. They provide accountability for agreements made between the mentor and mentee over the course of one year. This type of mentoring is more focused on relationship-building and individual skill-building. Each student in the RISE for Youth Program will have one primary mentor.

Primary mentors should be prepared to:

  • Partner with a student for at least one year
  • Meet with a student on at least a quarterly basis (frequency determined by the mentor/mentee)
  • Allow a student to shadow you for a day (undergraduate students only)
  • Complete training course and program materials, including goal setting and evaluation forms

Primary mentors will be selected and paired with students based on the students' career interests.

Flash mentors
Flash mentors provide one-time or short-term mentoring. Instead of a relationship that lasts months, flash mentoring is centered around tactical one-time meetings that provide knowledge or skills when participants need them. The one-time format enables mentees to learn from a variety of individuals with expertise in varying subjects. Mentees can experience numerous flash mentoring sessions during the program.

Flash mentors should be prepared to:

  • Complete 1:1 student interviews
  • Allow a student to shadow you for a day (undergraduate students only)

Flash mentors will be selected upon request by the student or their primary mentor.

To be considered as a mentor, download the mentor application. Attach the completed form to an email and send to

If selected, a program representative will guide you through the onboarding process. Mentors will be provided with tools and resources to help ensure a successful experience for both the mentor and mentee. Mentors will also be asked to attend a briefing session to ensure they are well-prepared for the program.