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Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (Minnesota)



To apply to the Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Program, you must have:

  • A high school diploma (equivalent acceptable) or be a high school senior who expects to graduate by the time the program begins.
  • Basic computer competence and keyboarding skills.
  • Completed high school biology, chemistry and physics courses or college transfer equivalents.
  • Completed high school algebra II or Rochester Community and Technical College Math 0099 or equivalent.
  • Graduated in the upper one-half of the high school graduating class with a 2.7 GPA or better. The science and math prerequisites must be taken within five years prior to application.
  • College-level reading and writing readiness as tested by Accelerated Study in Associate Programs or prior college course work.
  • Proof of completion of a CPR course prior to beginning Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist 1010. Must be current through the American Heart Association.

Technical standards

In addition to meeting general standards, cardiovascular invasive specialists must be able to:

  • Lift more than 20 pounds routinely
  • Work with their arms above their head routinely
  • Push and pull, bend and stoop, and kneel or squat routinely
  • Work standing on their feet 80 percent of the time
  • Work compassionately with patients
  • Help patients on and off the procedure room tables from wheelchairs or carts
  • Effectively write and speak to patients and staff
  • Hear and see clearly and differentiate colors
  • Work effectively in a team setting

Student responsibilities

Each semester, students must maintain a grade of greater than 74 percent in each core didactic course and 80 percent in each of their academic clinical performances. For any deficiency, remediation may include independent course work, formal warning, probation or dismissal from the program.

Transfer student policy

Transfer students must submit a Minnesota College Admission Form, an official transcript of high school credits and official transcripts from all colleges previously attended. Generally, courses from other colleges in which you have earned at least a grade of C are accepted if those courses fit the program curriculum.

Rochester Community and Technical College makes the final decision regarding which general education courses may be transferred to the Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Program.

More information

See further Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences admissions policy information.