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Fellowship in Perioperative Nursing (Arizona)


Teaching faculty

The Fellowship in Perioperative Nursing draws its faculty from Mayo Clinic's clinical, scientific and technical staffs. Faculty members are chosen for their commitment to teaching, as well as clinical practice and research. Many have published and lectured extensively and are highly regarded in their fields.

You have access to these individuals throughout your training, giving you the opportunity to learn directly from some of today's best practitioners of perioperative nursing.

The faculty, with assistance from community-based resources, direct and guide your clinical learning in an integrated system of practice and education. The program coordinators are clinically experienced certified nurses with master's degrees.

Visiting professors and lecturers

A hallmark of higher education excellence is the breadth and depth of information and experience provided to students by faculty and visiting experts. Many prominent professors visit Mayo Clinic each year to lecture on their areas of medical and scientific expertise.

As a student of Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, you are encouraged to learn from these valuable resources by attending all conferences, lectures and seminars prepared for students, residents, fellows and consulting staff.