Casey O'Connell, Pharm.D., R.Ph.

Casey R. O’Connell, Pharm.D., BSNWhy I chose Mayo Clinic for residency training

Mayo Clinic’s core value is, “The needs of the patient come first.” While brief, this statement is incredibly powerful because it guides every decision made across the entire Mayo Clinic organization. While researching residency programs, Mayo Clinic’s storied history and cutting-edge facilities caught my attention, but what I quickly learned is that this obsession with patient care is what truly sets Mayo Clinic apart from most other institutions. 

Patient care is so deeply ingrained within Mayo Clinic’s culture that it is even represented in its famous triple-shield logo. Mayo Clinic’s three interlocking shields represent commitments to patient care, research, and education with the most prominent shield denoting patient care. This branding serves as a potent reminder that all of the effort I put forth as a pharmacy resident should ultimately serve to benefit the patients that place their trust in me.

Like all healthcare providers, I believe that no one should ever cut corners while caring for patients. This belief drove me to pursue additional training as a pharmacy resident, and I believe it is also what drove Mayo Clinic to become the top hospital nationwide. The journey through my PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program has only just begun, but I have no doubt that upon its completion I will have all of skills necessary to care for my patients at the highest level.


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