Mikaela Hofer, Pharm.D., R.Ph.

Mikaela Hofer, Pharm.D., R.Ph.Why I chose Mayo Clinic for residency training

I chose this PGY-1 pharmacy residency because of the scope of clinical practice opportunities, the strength of preceptors, and Mayo’s patient-centered culture of excellence.

The program allows me opportunities to develop pharmacotherapy knowledge in a diverse array of practice areas while also allowing emphasis on my interest in critical care. The research, teaching, and patient care opportunities afforded are unlike any other medical institution. In addition, Mayo Clinic’s layered-learning practice model fosters environments of interprofessional teaching and learning. Finally, the unique culture gives me the platform to use my passion for evidence-based medicine to truly impact patients’ lives.

Mayo Clinic as an institution emphasizes three areas: patient care, research, and education while each of these is embodied in the PGY-1 program. Patient care is central and the largest shield of our institutions logo, demonstrating its foundation importance. Everything we do starts with putting the needs of the patient first. This patient care shield is flanked by research – unparalleled, cutting-edge research – and education.  Education takes places constantly both formally and informally, inter- and intra-professionally, and in a variety of styles. 

I am honored to be able to train at this world-renown institution. I am confident that my time in this residency program will lay the foundation for a successful and rewarding pharmacy career.

Email: hofer.mikaela@mayo.edu

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