Rachel E. Carlin, M.D.

Rachel E. Carlin, M.D. What attracted you to medicine and neurology?

The privilege of working with people to optimize their most fundamental asset, their health, and specifically the source of our identity, the brain, made me eager to pursue the journey to becoming a neurologist. Every day I appreciate more the extent to which medicine is truly an art. To me, this means that there is always work to be done to better serve our patients, whether through groundbreaking research, continuing medical education, or empowering them with wellness resources outside of the hospital or clinic. 

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for residency training?

Mayo Clinic's standard of excellent, evidence-based care and emphasis on always keeping the patient at the front and center of everything we do was hugely important to me. I knew I would complete my training here having learned the art of medicine with this principle embedded in every thought process. I was also struck by how happy and well-balanced the staff and residents were, which was equally important.

What makes Mayo Clinic's Adult Neurology Residency in Arizona unique?

The relationship between world-renowned neurology staff and residents is one of a small, supportive community. The mentoring program is very active here, and resources are boundless. The patient population is complex — patients are often coming in with an extensive medical history for a third or fourth opinion, seeking answers. 

What is living in Arizona (Phoenix area) like for you?

I'm from Texas and I love the heat, so this is a great place for me! There is a lot to explore in Phoenix. I love spending free afternoons at the pool, and look forward to investigating the hiking options for the cooler months. I have visited several of the museums with my husband and daughter and plan on driving to Sedona for some beautiful nature views in the near future. 

What does your future look like right now?

I don't know in what setting I will end up practicing neurology, but I look forward to exploring my options and potentially settling on a subspecialty. Right now, I'm focusing on the next several years of residency and getting the most out of my training; so that wherever I practice, I can make a real difference for my patients.