Life in Rochester

Rochester, Minnesota

Life in Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester and its surrounding areas offer a broad diversity of cultural, recreational and educational activities. Many residents enjoy the running and biking trails in the more than 100 sites of Rochester's park system, and hunting and fishing are abundant. In the winter, there are many cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing opportunities.

The Mayo Civic Center is the local event center hosting musicals, plays and concerts. For those seeking the nightlife of a bigger city, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are approximately 90 minutes away by car, and Chicago is one hour away by plane.

Mayo Clinic neurology residents on a hike

The importance of work-life balance is emphasized by our Adult Neurology Residency, and our residents form lifelong friendships with one another during their training. Residents also meet trainees from other residency programs at work and through the Mayo Fellows Association.

Spouses and significant others are warmly accepted into our family, and meeting other spouses and significant others is facilitated through the Mayo Families' Connection. Departmental activities — including community service events, the annual Summer Scientific Session and holiday parties — foster even closer relationships between trainees and staff.

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Life after residency

Our graduates often move on either to their top choice of fellowship or directly to attending positions in private practice or academic settings.

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Mayo Clinic adult neurology residents at dinner

Mayo Clinic adult neurology residents at a restaurant

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