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Advanced Radiology Fellowship (Arizona)

Combined Radiology Track


The Combined Radiology Track is designed for those interested in obtaining specialized in-depth training in two areas of radiology. You spend six months in one of the core radiology fellowships:

  • Abdominal Radiology MRI
  • Breast Imaging
  • Musculoskeletal Imaging

Then for the next six months, you can select a second core fellowship or choose one of our elective opportunities.

The graduation certificate for those completing this fellowship track will list both areas of study.

Since this track is less concentrated than the traditional core tracks, it is highly competitive and is offered only to those that the selection committee feels possess the self-discipline and drive to handle a somewhat accelerated program. The intention is to train fellows that will become proficient subspecialty level radiologists in both areas.


This track's broad, in-depth curriculum covers all fundamentals of musculoskeletal imaging.

Clinical training

Your clinical time includes training in your two chosen subspecialty areas.

Elective opportunities

As a Combined Radiology Track fellow, you are not given additional elective time outside of your two chosen areas of study. This is intentionally done to avoid diluting the experience you receive. In order to become a proficient subspecialty level radiologist, we strongly believe that time spent in any one area should not fall below one half of your fellowship year.


During the Combined Radiology Track, you participate in recurring conferences specific to your chosen areas of study. See the webpage of each core radiology track for a listing of conferences specific to those divisions.

If your second chosen area of study is not one of the core fellowships, specific conference offerings can be discussed at the time of your interview. In addition, you can participate in multiple conferences offered by the other radiology subspecialty areas.

Research training

All Mayo Clinic radiology divisions in Arizona are actively involved in clinical research. You are expected to participate in one or more projects during your fellowship year.


For specific faculty lists in the three core fellowship tracks, please see the respective track's webpage.


Jennifer Glassman
Education Coordinator
Phone: 480-342-2205

Victor Pizzitola, M.D.
Combined Radiology Track Director