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Internal Medicine Residency (Minnesota)

When selecting your career path in medical school, how did you come to decide on Internal Medicine?

Picking Internal Medicine was an easy decision for me. During medical school, I enjoyed complex differentials, discussion-based rounds, and taking care of adult patients. I wanted the challenge of expanding on my medicine knowledge and practice during residency and onward. 

What drew you to Mayo Clinic for your residency training?

Mayo's dedication to patient-centered care stood out to me on my interview day. I wanted a program that would give me the resources to learn about a variety of pathology and expand my research skills, but also emphasize the humanistic side of medicine. The Mayo residents' intelligence, passion and compassion for patient care, and kindness to each other was memorable to me and something I wanted to emulate in my own training.

How do you plan to use your musical talents in the care of patients?

Performing cello for patients in the inpatient setting has been an eye-opening experience as both a musician and a medical provider. As a musician, it is a very intimate experience to sit by the bedside and to tailor the performance to the patient, and not to my own artistic expression. As a physician, it can feel very vulnerable to share my personal interpretation of musical pieces. During my intern MICU rotation, I had an opportunity to play cello for one of my patients who had transitioned to end-of-life comfort cares. It was a very special experience to see the changes in her breathing and mental state as I played.

What are some of the ways you see women being supported in your program?

I have multiple levels of support as a female physician - from my wonderful female colleagues and senior residents, mentors in outpatient clinic, and consultants I have worked with during rotations. It has been great to see many female physicians in leadership positions here. They have been very open to sharing their career paths with us and it is great to know we have them as resources as female trainees.

Is there anything that surprised you about Mayo Clinic?

I have been surprised at how nice everyone is here. There's a lot of collaboration between departments and services, and it is very easy to curbside or consult services in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. We also get extra support from our ancillary staff. It's a great culture and environment to learn and practice medicine.

Is there anything that surprised you about Rochester?

I was surprised that there are two indoor climbing gyms in Rochester! It has been great to continue climbing during residency and to connect with people outside the hospital.

What are your plans following residency/where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself pursuing a career in academic cardiology. Like the consultants here, I'd like to embody Mayo's three shields in patient care, research, and education.