Director's Welcome

Jamie J. Van Gompel, M.D.

Mayo Clinic was one of the earliest institutions to offer subspecialization in neurosurgery, beginning at the turn of the century with Charles H. Mayo, M.D., and Emil H. Beckman, M.D. In 1919, the Section of Neurologic Surgery was established, with Alfred W. Adson, M.D., as its first chair. Subsequently, Drs. Winchell (Wink) McK. Craig, J. Grafton Love, Collin S. MacCarty, Ross H. Miller, Thoralf M. Sundt Jr., David G. Piepgras and Fredric B. Meyer followed as eminent chairmen.

Now under the leadership of Robert J. Spinner, M.D., the Department of Neurologic Surgery exists as one of the largest practices in North America, covering all subspecialties in neurosurgery each year with a staff of 18 neurosurgeons.

Mayo Clinic has long been a leader in education, and it exists as the largest graduate medical institution in the country. Given its unique position with multiple sites across the country and large practice volume, residents benefit from opportunities that are unavailable at any other institution. Further, education exists as one of Mayo Clinic's core values and is supported throughout the institution.

Therefore, we look forward to your visiting and hopefully receiving training as a resident of our fine program.

Jamie J. Van Gompel, M.D., FAANS
Neurologic Surgery Residency Program Director
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Otolaryngology