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M.D. Program

Meet Our Students

Students taking a selfie

Students come to Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine to pursue an M.D. degree with many different backgrounds, interests and plans for the future. Each year as we look through applications, we select candidates that together will make a great class. We thrive on diversity and rely on our differences to make us the best we can be.

The students that make up the M.D. Program have proven themselves to be leaders in their fields and communities, are passionate about medicine and making a difference, and have a variety of personal interests beyond their career.

About the incoming 2019 class

Shyam Kurian

Shyam Kurian

Peer mentorships

During your first week on campus, you’ll get plugged in with a mentorship family, called your MedSib family. This "family" consists of one medical student in each year and a faculty member. These mentors assist and support your professional transition, but also make sure you’re finding ways to get involved into the community.

Students rely on these groups for advice on the best ways to study, what to expect in a specific class, tips for time management, where to go for pizza, and everything in between. Students say this is one of the best things about the program!

Student experiences

Where do M.D. Program graduates go next?

This is just the beginning of your journey of lifelong learning. Our graduates go on to do great things. They complete their residencies and further their training at some of the best institutions in the country and around the world, making an impact and expanding their reach.