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M.D. Program

Student Life

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Learn. Play. Give. Grow.


Learn. Play. Give. Grow.

Wellness support that builds resiliency

We aim to focus not only on your education, but your well-being. One of the first things students notice as they embark on their medical school journey at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine is the focus on wellness and relationships. Built into our philosophy is the importance of fostering an environment where you and those important to you will thrive. We've taken steps to encourage self-care and healthy behavior throughout your time at Mayo Clinic.

Among the many student support resources spanning all areas of well-being and numerous initiatives aimed at promoting wellness, there are a few that remain student favorites. An example is the Student-initiated Wellness Activity grant program that offers financial support to students who want to organize their own wellness events. In the past, some have used this grant to start a kickball league while others have used it for a painting night.

A challenging curriculum blended with joy and growth

Mayo Clinic provides an excellent environment to not only grow and learn, but also to have fun and develop community with your classmates. Beyond the coursework, many of our students participate in interest groups on campus, student activities, and are involved with community service. There are also many student traditions and events that students look forward to every year.

A few student favorites include:

  • Mixed Bag Talent Showcase event
  • Picnics, potlucks, and other student socials
  • Interest groups across virtually every medical specialty
  • Mentorship programs
  • Organized events focused around wellness and well-being
  • Local chapters of various national organizations
  • All sorts of informal events

Dedicated to community service

Throughout their training, Mayo medical students are involved in community service. During the first year, students are introduced to community organizations. During the second year, students work in community health clinics and are provided a variety of other options to give back and gain experience.

Peer mentorship

During your first week on campus, you’ll get plugged in with a mentorship family, called your MedSib family. This "family" consists of one medical student in each year and a faculty member. These mentors assist and support your professional transition, but also make sure you’re finding ways to get involved into the community.

Students rely on these groups for advice on the best ways to study, what to expect in a specific class, tips for time management, where to go for pizza, and everything in between. Students say this is one of the best things about the program!

"Our family is our class"


"Our family is our class"

Student perspectives

Gohar Manzar, M.D.

Gohar Manzar, M.D.

Recent Graduate

"There are so many opportunities for student wellness. Some of my favorites have been painting nights, sushi making, knitting club, and all sorts of fun outdoors activities. Selectives also allow for fun medical-related outings, such as the Wilderness selective, Humanities selective, or the former House M.D. marathon selective, where students (under the guidance of a faculty member) had fun whipping out differential diagnoses while watching episodes!"

Marisa Salazar

Marisa Salazar

Class of 2021

"It's so hard to choose my favorite student activities! I think the baking committee, which is in charge of our monthly birthday bashes, is one of my favorite activities as I love baking. I also enjoy learning more about global health, and planning activities and speakers as a leader of our global and public health student interest group. I also enjoy helping plan ways for students to learn more Spanish and about various Latino cultures through the med Spanish interest group."