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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Dental Specialties, Prosthodontics (Minnesota)


In the dental specialty elective of prosthodontics, students examine patients with the staff and residents and have the opportunity to participate in discussion, diagnosis and treatment planning. Students also may observe treatment being performed and post-treatment results on recall patients.

Specific goals

  1. Become familiar with the general scope of the dental specialty of prosthodontics.
  2. Gain experience dealing with patient situations requiring prosthodontic services.
  3. Demonstrate patient care requiring the coordinated inter- and intradisciplinary services of the physician and dentist.
  4. Review professional ethics as they pertain to doctor-patient relationships and the unethical dissemination of prosthetic services.

Activity outline

Students review typical oral and orofacial patient situations requiring the services of a prosthodontist. They also review abnormal responses to oral prostheses and management options and observe demonstration of various types of oral and orofacial prostheses, their physical nature, advantages and disadvantages. Finally, students address questions patients often ask regarding denture adhesives and cleansers, denture liners, mouthwashes, diet for denture wearers, management of denture "sore spots," recognition of the need to have prostheses and dental implants.

Method of evaluation

Students are graded on the basis of general knowledge, participation in scheduled activities and attendance.