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Visiting Medical Student Clerkships

Internal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology Inpatient (Arizona)


Students work with members of the Division of Hematology in the inpatient setting at Mayo Clinic Hospital. The rotation is primarily on the hematology inpatient service, but students may spend some time on the oncology inpatient service.

Specific goals

  1. Learn the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for hematologic diseases through direct patient contact
  2. Expand basic knowledge with appropriate reading materials, as well as weekly clinical conferences
  3. Participate in bone marrow aspirate and biopsy procedures
  4. Interpret peripheral blood smears and serum protein electrophoresis results

Activity outline

Students are an integral part of the team for the hematology inpatient service. This may include performing comprehensive histories and physical examinations on new patients under the supervision of the rotating resident or fellow. The student is expected to present the case to the attending. The student should evaluate his or her patient daily, except on weekends.

There are daily teaching sessions on rounds. Additionally, Cancer Center Grand Rounds is every Thursday.

Method of evaluation

Consultants who work with the students provide written performance evaluations. The program coordinator formulates a consensus evaluation from these written evaluations and holds a debriefing session with students to gain appropriate feedback.

Students receive a breadth of experience working with various physicians on the hospital service. Due to the limited time frame students spend with each physician, letters of recommendation are not provided at the end of the rotation.