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Mayo Clinic Education Platform


Mayo Clinic Education Platform consultant

Mayo Clinic Education Platform leverages our medical education and education operations expertise to help elevate your institution to the next level. Our goal is to ease the process of creating or enhancing medical education initiatives, in an effort to help your institution meet its strategic educational goals.

Improving education

We help our clients develop new or improve existing programs, academic units, or medical education departments. This can be established in many ways, including:

  • Preparing for accreditation and licensing
  • Developing new or analyzing existing curricula and learning designs
  • Preparing for re-accreditation
  • Becoming licensed in allied health programs

Our team can help initiative or improve many types of education departments including:

  • Graduate medical education (GME)
  • Medical schools
  • Allied health education programs
  • Medical simulation

Improving offerings

Our team can help establish new or improve existing simulation-based education offerings. We can create unique programs of study in areas such as:

  • Professionalism
  • Medical ethics
  • Humanities in medicine
  • Quality improvement

Improving quality

We can also analyze your organization's strengths and weaknesses in medical education operational areas through clinical skills coaching, in which a Mayo Clinic physician would observe a technique, process, or department and provide an assessment. 

A sampling of areas that we assess are:

  • Education technology
  • Medical libraries
  • Student services
  • Accreditation

Our team can also provide career management and academic coaching for your team as well as career discovery programs for your workforce.