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A Mayo Clinic researcher works on a computer next to a colleague

January 18, 2024

By Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science staff

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science has launched a new team, Advanced Digital Education, to coordinate advanced digital and artificial intelligence (AI) education and help Mayo Clinic achieve its enterprise-wide strategic goals.

Advanced Digital Education will create and develop a comprehensive digital technology and AI education strategy and lead related initiatives, says Daniel Cabrera, M.D., who will direct the team along with Elissa Hall, Ed.D. Among other objectives, the team will help Mayo Clinic Education staff and students develop expertise with digital technologies and provide faculty with training and tools needed to offer transformative education.

"Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals with the expertise to use novel digital tools and AI effectively and responsibly," says Dr. Cabrera. "We're in the beginning phases, developing an enterprise-wide, human-centered advanced education environment. We already are meeting and will partner with Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Center for Digital Health, Mayo Clinic Cloud, Workforce, Mayo Clinic Platform, Generative AI Program, Mayo Clinic Information Technology, Office of Applied Scholarship and Science, and external groups to gather input and develop a comprehensive strategy."

Advanced Digital Education plans enterprise-wide meetings with stakeholders to learn more about current efforts, needs, and priorities. "Our goal is to bring together a small, resourceful team that is eager to be at the forefront of technology," says Hall.