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Application Process

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Each year, the Visiting Medical Student Clerkship Program at Mayo Clinic receives more applications than it has educational opportunities. Selection is determined by the clinical departments and based on medical school transcript grades, successful completion of USMLE/COMLEX Step 1, space availability, and competitiveness for a Mayo Clinic residency.

How to apply

The Mayo Clinic Visiting Medical Student Clerkship Program uses the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) portal for accepting and processing clerkship applications. Visit the AAMC-Visiting Student Learning Opportunities webpage for additional information on our program and to complete an application.

If you are experiencing any technical issues in completing or submitting your application, contact AAMC's VSLO support for assistance.

The Visiting Medical Student Clerkship program will not be accepting any applications outside of the VSLO portal. For international students whose medical school is not currently an AAMC participating institution, please see the AAMC website for information on how to initiate the process of having your institution enroll in the application service.

Dental students

Dental students interested in applying for rotations at Mayo Clinic do not apply via AAMC.

Eligible dental candidates must:

  • Currently attend a U.S. or Canadian dental school
  • Be in the final year and in good academic standing with their dental school
  • Have received the required immunizations

To apply for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery or Orthodontics rotation, review the elective description and follow the instructions located on that page on how to apply.

Academic year application timelines

Application opensApplication closesClerkship period desired
June 1, 2022 June 30, 2022 (8 p.m. E.T.) For rotations beginning Oct.-Dec. 2022
Sept. 1, 2022 Sept. 30, 2022 (8 p.m. E.T.) For rotations beginning Jan.-March 2023
Dec. 1, 2022 Dec. 30, 2022 (8 p.m. E.T.) For rotations beginning April-June 2023
March 1, 2023 March 31, 2023 (8 p.m. E.T.) For rotations beginning July-Sept. 2023

Important notice: In addition to submitting student applications by the specified deadline, your home institution should also submit all required documentation by the deadline to expedite the review process. Clinical departments will begin making decisions to accept applications promptly on the first of the month following the deadline. Applications released by home institutions after the deadline may not be reviewed by the clinical departments.

Clerkships are always four weeks in length, beginning on a Monday and concluding four weeks later on a Friday in full-week increments (with the exception of holidays).

Application details

You may apply to only one Mayo Clinic location. Candidates may submit up to four total applications. Applications submitted for the same department with four different date ranges count as four applications.

To prepare for applications opening in VSLO, you should anticipate the following requirements necessary to apply:

  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • Medical school transcript
  • Board scores (USMLE/COMLEX)
  • Letters of recommendation (number required varies by elective)

Once clerkships have been confirmed, changes in or rescheduling of clerkship assignments are not permitted.


Submit the online application by the appropriate deadline as indicated. It is strongly encouraged to have your home institution follow the same deadline. Clinical departments begin reviewing applications and making decisions promptly on the first of the month following the deadline. Applications released by home institutions after the deadline may not be reviewed by the clinical departments. You will receive a decision approximately six weeks following the submission deadline.

Applications are not processed prior to the submission deadline.


Students accepted for a clerkship must successfully complete all post-decision requirements and adhere to all Mayo Clinic policies, including, but not limited to background checks, immunizations, and required documentation. Failure to complete or adhere to any post-decision requirements will result in the cancellation of the clerkship.