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Academic Support and Wellness

Get support. Perform better. Live well.

At Mayo Clinic, our commitment is to provide a vibrant, diverse and engaging learning environment that supports all learners. We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve not only your educational goals, but goals in all areas of your life.

Support services available

Our services directly reflect the six domains of well-being. These domains play a big role in your overall wellness, and we focus on each to provide the most well-rounded support possible.

Career & academic

Career and academic support services that help you discover professional growth and purpose include:

  • Resume/CV writing assistance
  • Learning and reading strategy guidance
  • Time management
  • ESL and writing skills


Emotional support services that cultivate positive emotions and responses to foster meaning and fulfillment in all spheres of your life include:

  • Individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy
  • Psycho-educational groups and workshops
  • Stress management and burn-out enrichment sessions
  • Referral to outside resources as needed


Social support services that help you find connection and a sense of belonging include:

  • Communication skills
  • Interview practice
  • Resources for getting involved on campus and in the community


Cognitive support services that foster effective learning to live a healthy and productive life include:

  • Guidance on learning strategies
  • Mental/emotional disability
  • Enrichment Series on resiliency


Financial support services that empower your financial capability include:

  • Enrichment Series on fiscal responsibility
  • Resources for financial planning


Physical support services that help you achieve optimal health and energy include:

  • Health services
  • Access to disability and accommodations physician
  • Enrichment Series on food, nutrition and wellness

Academic advising and mental health resources

Transitioning to a new environment, plus handling demanding academic expectations and personal adjustments, can truly test your confidence and motivation. Our friendly staff is here to provide a strong support system that empowers you to succeed by helping you identify and work through challenges.

Academic advising

Academic advising is available in a number of ways. Individual, small group and workshop sessions are available and are offered at all locations. Learners seeking support work with an academic success adviser to identify needs and establish individualized short-term and long-term action plans and services that promote academic, personal and career accomplishment.

Additionally, success advising includes support and encouragement. Learners may need support for emotional issues or learning differences, at which times learners may reach out directly or be referred to appropriate resources. Individual contacts are made in person, over the phone, and through email. You may personally request services or may be referred by program faculty.

Academic success counselors

Academic success counselors offer a personal touch by meeting with learners in person, by phone or by Skype to discuss tutoring, efficient study practices, time management or anything else dealing with the academic requirements of your program.

Mental health clinicians

Mental health clinicians offer complimentary confidential sessions to assist with any issues about your mental health and well-being. Staff are available to learners at all campuses in person, by phone or by Skype appointment.

Tutoring services

Tutoring services are free to all learners enrolled in Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. Peer tutors are available in a variety of content areas. Interested learners may complete an online request form to be appropriately matched with a tutor. Our tutors are selected and hired by Mayo Clinic and participate in a tutoring orientation with an academic success adviser before working with learners.

Career services

Careers services are available to learners who need assistance with resume/CV writing and interview practice.

Disability accommodations

Our goal is to offer a supportive environment for all learners as we cultivate a diverse health care workforce. We work in partnership with learners, faculty and staff to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our office provides the accommodations to ensure equal access to education for all learners. Learners who have been admitted to one of our programs and have disabilities or health conditions may need accommodations to participate in orientation and/or educational program activities. Learners seeking accommodations or support services are required to register with our office. An academic success counselor will guide you through the policies and procedures about accommodations.

Health resources

Through Primary Care Connection, Mayo Clinic has developed partnerships with primary care teams on campus specifically for learners. This services gives learners the ability to establish a relationship with a primary care provider for general health checkups and acute care.

Student and trainee benefits

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science offers highly competitive benefits and health care coverage for eligible learners.

Health insurance

The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Sponsored Health Insurance Plan is designed specifically for eligible learners and their dependents with an emphasis on wellness.

Qualified learners also have access to subsidized dental and vision insurance, term life insurance, disability insurance, and more.

Other benefits

Learners can also take advantage of:

  • Telehealth medical appointments
  • A student assistance program where learners have access to special work-life programming
  • Discounts on health care-related items
  • Global emergency services
  • Fitness facilities — learners at our three campuses have access to on-site fitness facilities and discounted membership fees to area gyms. In Rochester, learners can join the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. There are two locations on the Rochester campus. These sites encompass more than 127,000 square feet and incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and services.
  • Healthy Living Program — learners in Rochester can join a wellness program designed by leading health and wellness experts at Mayo Clinic.

Visit the Mayo Clinic employee discount program website (log-in required) to learn more the wide range of discounts available to learners, including those related to health and wellness.