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Video: The Arizona Experience


Video: The Arizona Experience

Mayo Clinic in Arizona

Since its opening in 1987, Mayo Clinic in Arizona continues to transform healthcare through excellent patient care, innovative research, and unparalleled education for the next generation of medical leaders. Mayo Clinic in Arizona continually receives top rankings as the No. 1 hospital in the state and is nationally ranked in 10 specialties, more than all other Arizona hospitals combined.

Students choose Mayo Clinic in Arizona for its integrated, collaborative learning environment and to train in its world-class setting. Together, we will set new standards of care in the treatment of serious and complex medical conditions, putting the needs of our patients first.

Two locations. Unlimited opportunities.

Mayo Clinic in Arizona is spread across two main campuses in Scottsdale and Phoenix. The extensive Scottsdale campus includes the Mayo Clinic Building, Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, Collaborative Research Building, and Samuel C. Johnson Research Building. In northeast Phoenix is the Mayo Clinic Hospital and Mayo Clinic Specialty Building on the Phoenix campus, which has nearly doubled in size throughout Arizona.Bold.Forward, a historic capital expansion project. Nearby, is an expansive 120-acre development called Discovery Oasis, a biotechnology corridor of collaboration to advance groundbreaking solutions to humanity’s most complex medical challenges.

Our two campuses in Arizona offer more than 110 programs across various medical, surgical, and health sciences specialties, including fellowships, residencies, internships, clinical rotations, and certificates such as Bachelor, Associate, and Doctoral education. Currently, we train nearly 4,000 students per year.

At Mayo Clinic in Arizona, you will further your education in state-of-the-art facilities, learn from experienced mentors and join a diverse student community.

Show your commitment to medicine, patient care, and service, and be part of the Mayo Clinic family in Arizona!

Spaces and places

Explore the buildings you’ll call home, along with the labs where you’ll make discoveries, the libraries where you’ll study, and the classrooms where you’ll prepare for your future. Accessibility is a priority throughout your education — and you'll never find a closed door.

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