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Dr. Lewis Roberts and Dr. Martin Fernandez-Zapico

November 16, 2019

By Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science staff

Two Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences faculty members have been recognized as 2019 Clinical and Translational Science Teachers of the Year.

Dr. Lewis Roberts is Program Director of the Clinical and Translational Science Ph.D. program. He leads courses for clinicians, is actively involved as a Ph.D. advisor to many students, and he is a seminar leader for Clinical and Translational Science Ph.D. students.

“(Dr. Roberts) is an exemplary model of compassionate leadership (with) a commitment to training people to make advances in biomedical science,” M.D./Ph.D. fifth-year student Josiane Joseph said in her introduction of Dr. Roberts at the awards ceremony. She applauded his personal warmth and his constant presence.

She described his “knack for creating a welcoming learning environment, for being fully present at every meeting he attends, for serving as an extraordinary mentor to many, and for providing direction to many more as a program director.”

Dr. Martin Fernandez-Zapico is appointed in both the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics tracks, and currently is mentoring three graduate students.

Dr. Fernandez-Zapico “genuinely cares for his students and their education,” has “passion for sharing his expertise,” and has a “remarkable commitment to his role as an educator,” predoctoral student Brooke Paradise said in her introduction.

She also talked about “his fairness and how he structures his lectures to maximize learning and application of knowledge,” how “students have mentioned time and again how they truly enjoy the courses he teaches,” and how he brings great enthusiasm to his teaching.

The Teacher of the Year awards ceremony was part of the 2019 MCGSBS Graduate Student Research Symposium and Findling Lecture.