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Ph.D. Program overview

Aspiring biomedical scientists must acquire a broad background of knowledge and expertise, as well as in-depth understanding of their primary area of research interest.

At Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, you’ll discover a unique research training environment of academic inquiry and scientific discovery, combined with exceptional intellectual and technological resources designed to help you achieve your highest scientific career goals.

"I can be the scientist I want to be"


"I can be the scientist I want to be"

Best graduate school rankings

a top school for biological sciences as ranked by U.S. News & World Report

Whether you’re preparing for graduate school or applying now, the Mayo Clinic experience for biomedical science Ph.D. students is different.

Here are five key reasons why:

  1. Research training by leading investigators in fields ranging from molecules to populations, all in the context of exceptional health care. Embedded within a top academic medical center, you’ll have access to clinical data from more than 6 million patient histories.
  2. Research training opportunities at three digitally interacting campuses in Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; and Scottsdale, Arizona.
  3. A free agency funding model offered by only a handful of other elite programs. Every student is awarded a central fellowship for five years. Mentors are not allowed to fund student salaries as employees.
  4. A subsidized Career Development Internship program. Senior students experience embedded networking opportunities in career settings different from those of their research mentors.
  5. A national destination for research training of students from backgrounds underrepresented in science. Mayo’s NIH-funded IMSD is more than two decades old, and Mayo invented the NIH PREP concept.
"Collaboration is massive here"


"Collaboration is massive here"

"Allowed me to build my own team"


"Allowed me to build my own team"

Choosing your area of specialization

You'll choose from one of eight biomedical science specialty tracks within our Ph.D. Program. Track choice is indicated during the application process and confirmed after admission. But you'll be able to do research and learn in any Mayo laboratory that interests you, even if it's not within your track.

Stipend and benefits

Our Ph.D. Program in biomedical science includes:

  • Annual graduate-level stipend
  • Full tuition
  • Travel expenses to scientific meetings provided by mentors

Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences also offers:

Learn more about financial support. If additional funding is required, biomedical science Ph.D. students have access to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Registrar.

Perspectives on our Ph.D. Program