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As you consider a Ph.D. program in health sciences, consider Mayo Clinic!

August 29, 2019

By Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science staff

As you consider a Ph.D. program in biomedical sciences, here's why Mayo might be a good fit.

How about:

  • A unique funding model (guaranteed five-year internal fellowship including stipend, tuition, and fees) that eliminates the need to identify a faculty member to provide financial support for the first five years
  • Research training by leading investigators in a wide range of fields and access to clinical data from more than 6 million patient histories
  • Senior students have embedded networking opportunities in career settings different from those of their research mentors
  • Tutoring and teaching experiences are available (and optional)
  • Campuses in three different states providing diverse research opportunities
  • Travel expenses to scientific meetings provided by mentors

Here's what a few of our students have to say about the program:

  • “It’s very meaningful for me to be able to watch research be implemented in the clinic to improve patient care. Not many places offer such established collaborations between clinic and lab.”
  • “Collaboration is massive here.”
  • “Graduate school leadership really focuses on the needs of the students to minimize time away from lab and classes, which allows you to build your own body of work.”

Applications are being accepted from Sept. 1 through Dec. 1, 2019, for the program starting July 2020.

Admission requirements include a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, a strong background in the basic sciences, and prior research experience. 

Learn more about the application process and how to apply on the program's website.