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Residents in anesthesiology watch a faculty member complete a procedure

February 24, 2023

By Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science staff

Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education has more than 2,000 residents and fellows completing their graduate medical and dental education and training in 296 programs across Mayo Clinic. We celebrate the contributions of these trainees today and every day.

Our exceptional residents and fellows come to Mayo Clinic from all over the United States and 105 countries abroad to gain expertise and insight from Mayo staff as a capstone of their many years of medical education.

"Graduate medical education is vital to Mayo Clinic," says Annie Sadosty, M.D., dean of Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education. "Our residents and fellows are essential to what we do at Mayo, and we are grateful for their commitment, talents, collegiality, and professionalism. To our residents and fellows, thank you for entrusting us with your training. You are health care's next generation of leaders, and we are truly inspired by you."

Outstanding contributions in patient care and beyond

The contributions that residents and fellows make are immense. Some, such as outpatient care, surgical cases and procedures, and the care of hospitalized patients in our top-ranked hospitals, are obvious. Others may be less apparent, but are equally as impressive:

  • Radiology residents throughout Mayo Clinic interpret more than 400,000 radiographic images annually.
  • Laboratory Medicine and Pathology residents and fellows from Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida participate in more than 55,000 cases a year, ranging from transfusions and clinical laboratory consults to interpretation of cellular and tissue biopsies and autopsies.
  • Over the years, residents and fellows have provided care to more than 119,500 patients in 64 countries through the Mayo International Health Program.

Just as important is the compassion and empathy that trainees bring to their interactions with patients, their collaborative approach with staff, and their fresh ideas and energy in research and education.

Elaine Griffeth, M.D., is a resident in the Thoracic Surgery Residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The program involves seven years of clinical residency, and Dr. Griffeth added two years of clinical outcomes research for a total of nine years. She's currently in her fourth year of training and serves as president of the Mayo Fellows' Association in the Midwest, which represents more than 1,400 residents and fellows.

Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education was established by the Mayo brothers in 1915 to provide specialty training to graduate physicians. It's one of the oldest and largest graduate medical schools in the country, and with mentoring and hands-on training from Mayo staff, graduates go on to become leaders in their fields.

"More than two thousand residents and fellows work across all three Mayo shields to put the needs of the patients first," says Fredric Meyer, M.D., Waugh Executive Dean of Education at Mayo Clinic. "They entrust us with the training that will complete their education and prepare them for outstanding careers of service to patients, and they demonstrate the humanistic values and mission that Mayo Clinic has always been known for. We are truly grateful for their dedication to our patients."

Recognizing residents and fellows at Mayo Clinic

To express appreciation for the contributions made by trainees, the national Gold Humanism Honor Society initiated Thank a Resident Day in 2018. This year's event is on Friday, Feb. 24, and Dr. Sadosty says it's a good day — like every day — to take a moment to express thanks and appreciation to residents and fellows. "A word of thanks will mean a great deal to the trainees who contribute so much to Mayo Clinic," she says.

The three Mayo Fellows’ Association groups also will recognize the contributions of residents and fellows, with events now underway in the Midwest. "This is the first year we have done a full week of events in Rochester, so it has been exciting to see the plans come to life," says Dr. Griffeth. "Days such as these that recognize our contributions are very meaningful."

Resident & Fellow Appreciation Week is next week at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and events are planned throughout this month at Mayo Clinic in Florida. "The goal is to not only show appreciation for residents and fellows but to enhance wellness and connection," says Dr. Griffeth.