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Mayo Fellows' Association

Founded in 1930, the Mayo Fellows' Association (MFA) offers a peer and social support network for trainees and their families with social events, athletics, and advocacy. Passionate about connecting communities and enriching the experience of trainees, the MFA helps maintain a vibrant relationship among trainees, institutional leadership, and alumni and works to promote excellence in the fields of medical education, research, and medical practice. The Association serves as an advocate for the educational, financial, and social concerns of MFA members, and helps promote an environment conducive to their moral, mental, and physical well-being.

The roles of the Mayo Fellows' Association include:

  • Being a liaison between staff and trainees
  • Representing MCSGME on hospital education, quality, and wellness committees
  • Organizing educational seminars, meetings, and social and family events
  • Organizing the Educator of the Year awards