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Cytogenetic Technology Internship (Minnesota)

A Mayo Clinic cytogenetic technologist conducting a Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) analysis

Program overview

Program length: 12 weeks
Class size: 1-2 students
Location: Rochester, Minnesota

This internship prepares you for a career in a cytogenetic laboratory. To be eligible for the internship you must be a diagnostic genetics student at Northern Michigan University.

You obtain a bachelor's degree in diagnostic genetics by completing seven semesters of coursework at Northern Michigan University and a 12-week practicum in the Genomics Laboratory on the Mayo Clinic campus.

Graduation and certification

After successfully completing this internship, you receive a certificate of completion from Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

Students from Northern Michigan University are eligible to receive a bachelor's degree in diagnostic genetics and to become a certified Technologist in Cytogenetics, CG(ASCP), by taking the certification exam through the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification.

Application process

Applicants are selected based on grades, work, and volunteer experiences, leadership qualities, and representation of personal qualities and skills in a personal letter.

How to apply

1. Create an account. Prior to submission of an application, you must create an account. Note the following as you create an account and begin completing an application.

  • On the Create an Account page:
    • For School of Study → select School of Health Sciences
    • For Location → select Rochester, MN
    • For Area of Interest → Cytogenetic Technology Internship
    • For Start date → Choose date
    • For Entry Term → Select term available
  • On the My Account page:                                  
    • Scroll down to Next Steps → select Start an Application
  • On the Online Application page:
    • Verify that the program listed is what you want
    • Click Continue with Application Selected Above
  • On the Application Listing page:
    • Select Start a New Full Application

2. Online application. The sections below are located in the application. You may complete them in order or click on the section you want on the left.

  • Program of interest
    • Review populated data for accuracy
    • Complete Reapplying and Education Completed questions
  • Personal information
    • Review populated data
    • Complete any other fields
    • If you didn't enter an address or phone number before, you will be required to enter it now
  • Demographic data
    • Fill in as necessary
  • Education
    • Add education
  • Employment
    • Add work experience
  • Standardized testing
    • Not required
  • Professional licensing and registration
    • Enter any professional licenses you hold
  • Essay
    • Please write a statement of your personal goals for the essay portion of the application
  • Signature and submit
    • Certify and sign your application
    • Submit your application

3. Complete the recommendations/supplemental items. After submitting the application, select "Click here to upload program-specific supplemental item(s)."

  • If required by program, upload any supplemental items under the Supplemental Items Box
  • Enter email addresses for recommendations under Recommendation Requests

Two professional references are required. References should be individuals who are/were an authority figure in your current/previous schooling or place of employment (i.e. supervisor, teacher). Please follow the guidelines in the online application carefully.

If you do not complete these at the time of submission, please visit your "My Account" page and navigate to your application for a link to complete.

4. Submit transcripts. Please submit official transcripts of all college and university credits to the address below. 

Jason A. Yuhas, CG(ASCP)CM
Cytogenetic Technology Internship Director
Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
Siebens Building, Fifth Floor
200 First St. SW
Rochester, MN 55905

Interview and acceptance

The selection committee carefully reviews each application. Individuals considered for acceptance complete a personal interview — either in-person or via phone or video.

Tuition and financial aid

$1,000 per student is paid to Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences by Northern Michigan University for clinical rotation tuition sharing before you begin your internship. You pay all tuition to Northern Michigan University.

Students are responsible for their own living accommodations and transportation. You may hold outside employment during the training program if it does not conflict with your program responsibilities. Work study, performed in the Genomics Laboratory (cytogenetics), may be available. Contact the program director if interested.


You are assigned hands-on rotations with specific assays and techniques practiced in the field and unique to the Mayo Clinic Genomics Laboratory. During the program, learning experiences allow you to observe or perform:

  • Specimen cell culture and harvest
  • Congenital chromosome analysis
  • Hematologic chromosome analysis
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) sample analysis
  • Chromosomal microarray analysis
  • New, cutting-edge molecular cytogenetic techniques


During the internship, the learning schedule is Monday through Friday, with hours varying based on rotation.

Accreditation information

The diagnostic genetics program at Northern Michigan University is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

See accreditation information for Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

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