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Master's and Leadership Training

Residents in the combined PGY-1/PGY-2 Health System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership with Masters program must successfully complete a master’s degree in order to receive a graduation certificate. The program is designed to allow the resident the option of choosing one of many different master’s programs available through various graduate academic institutions in collaboration with the ASHP Foundation Pharmacy Leadership Academy® (PLA). Refer to the PLA website to review academic institutions and respective master’s degrees offered. At this time, all costs associated with the master’s degree are paid for on behalf of the residency program. The didactic master’s program curriculum will span both years of the PGY-1 and PGY-2 experience. 

Additionally, at the start of the PGY-2 year, the resident will also be enrolled in the ASHP Foundation PLA curriculum, a series of seven courses covering the following critical topics:

  1. Leading with influence
  2. Leading the pharmacy enterprise: Building the business of pharmacy
  3. Leading system reliability for safety and quality
  4. Leading for financial effectiveness
  5. Leading transformational change and innovation
  6. Strategic clinical leadership
  7. Leading the pharmacy enterprise for organizational success

PLA is recognized by the colleges and universities identified above as a graduate-level-worthy program with transferrable credits toward their master’s degree programs. During the PLA curriculum, the resident will receive weekly discussions on the topics and readings covered and their relationship to Mayo Clinic practice. The program director and preceptors serve as mentors for the master’s and PLA curricula. 

Due to the time sensitive nature of acceptance and enrollment into the applicable master’s program, the newly matched resident will be contacted immediately after NMS Match results are released to ensure all application materials are processed, and acceptance granted, prior to the initiation of their residency experience in July.