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Physical Therapy Internship (Arizona)

Program overview

Duration: 10-12 weeks
Class size: Varies
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

This internship provides the high-quality clinical experiences you need to become a competent physical therapist in your specialty area, such as acute care, neurologic rehabilitation, sports medicine, or geriatrics.

As a physical therapy intern, you will study and work at Mayo Clinic Hospital or other Mayo facilities in the Greater Phoenix area. The internship provides high-quality instruction and clinical experiences needed to become a competent therapist.

To participate in the internship, you must be in your final clinical practicum and enrolled in a physical therapy program at one of these affiliated academic institutions:

Admission to the internship is prearranged by the academic coordinator from your college or university.

How to apply

  1. Contact your school's Academic Clinical Education Coordinator or Director of Clinical Education to arrange to participate in this internship.
  2. Complete the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences online application. Once your participation is approved by both your Academic Clinical Education Coordinator and the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences Physical Therapy Internship Program Director, you will receive further information and compliance requirements.


Mayo Clinic offers physical therapy clinical experiences in:

  • Inpatient acute care
  • Outpatient care
  • Acute rehabilitation (emphasis on neurologically impaired patients)
  • Inpatient orthopedics (joint replacements, laminectomies)
  • Outpatient orthopedics
  • Geriatric outpatient
  • Organ transplants
  • Cardiac ICU

To augment your physical therapy experience, you may follow a patient through ICU to outpatient rehabilitation.

You will gain experience in treating patients with special therapy needs, which may include:

  • Back-related symptoms evaluation, and treatment
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, including shoulder and knee problems
  • Neck pain evaluation and treatment
  • Postmastectomy lymphedema management
  • Rehabilitation of disabling neurologic conditions
  • Rehabilitation of neuromuscular disorders
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

Internships are 10 weeks or longer, but may vary in length depending on the academic program's requirements. You may have the opportunity to complete a series of internships in various Mayo Clinic practice areas.

Over the course of the internship, you may participate in lectures, workshops, in-service training, case studies, field trips, Grand Rounds, and informal discussions.


For the majority of the internship, your learning schedule will include eight-hour days, five days a week. While the regular workweek is usually 40 hours, additional projects, patient activities, and homework may be assigned.

Tuition and financial aid

You pay tuition to the college or university you are attending. Mayo Clinic charges no additional fees.

You are responsible for providing your living accommodations and transportation. You may hold outside employment during the program, if it does not conflict with your program responsibilities.