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Department and Faculty

The Department of Neurology at Mayo Clinic is a highly integrated, collaborative department of over 80 adult and pediatric neurologists who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and research investigation of disorders affecting the nervous system.

The Autoimmune Neurology Fellowship faculty is comprised of Mayo Clinic Neurology Department members who are committed to patient care, education and research in their daily practices. You will have direct access to these individuals throughout your training. The clinical, education and research programs at Mayo thrive on their multidisciplinary nature.

An Autoimmune Neurology Fellowship trainee, in the course of patient care, or as a two to four-week elective, will have the opportunity to work with Neurology sub-specialists, Neurosurgeons, Neuropathologists, Rheumatologists, Gastrointestinal Dysmotility specialists, Oncologists, and other health-care experts in the management of autoimmune disorders.

Mayo Clinic's neurological practice is rich and varied, offering the opportunity to see both common and unusual neurological problems. Mayo's program in Autoimmune Neurology is complemented by referral of highly complex patients identified through the clinical Neuroimmunology Laboratory's annual testing of 45,000 patients nationally.

Program director

The program director and neurologists in the Autoimmune Neurology group will provide comprehensive educational advice and personal support throughout the training program. The program director will also serve as a contact point, introducing you and your family to Rochester and the Mayo Clinic system.

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