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General Internal Medicine Fellowship (Minnesota)

Women's Health Training Track

The Women's Health training track of the General Internal Medicine Fellowship was developed in honor of Julie A. Abbott, M.D.

The mission for women's health care at Mayo Clinic is to provide the best care for women through integrated programs in clinical care, research and education. Research confirms that biological differences between men and women lead to differences in the way that certain diseases present and respond to treatment. Our interdisciplinary practice includes clinical services for diseases and conditions experienced predominantly by females. Mayo Clinic is committed to conducting related research and providing access to the best clinical care possible to all patients.

The Women's Health training track includes clinical rotations focused on interdisciplinary training in the prevention and treatment of diseases prevalent in women through the adult life span.

The training program was created more than a decade ago to develop leaders in the exciting and rapidly evolving field of women's health and to improve health care outcomes for women.

Applicants must have successfully completed postgraduate training in an accredited U.S. or other similarly qualified international program in one of the following specialties to be eligible for the Women's Health training track:

  • Internal medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

See the other required fellowship qualification under Admissions.