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Alumni of the Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fellowship program in Arizona have gone on to practice, teach, and conduct research across the United States.

The most important indicator of the success of a training program is found in the outcomes of the graduates upon completion of their training. Learn more about our alumni and where they have taken their talents after graduation.

Words from past alumni

Recent graduates

Name Graduation Year Destination
Lauren Griebel, M.D. 2022 University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, OH
Dana McKee, M.D. 2022 Arizona Gynecology Consultants, Phoenix, AZ
Meenal Misal, M.D. 2021 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
John Davitt, M.D. 2021 Arizona Gynecology Consultants, Phoenix, AZ
Rachael Haverland, M.D. 2020 Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, Dallas, TX
Ritchie Delara, M.D. 2020 University of Colorado, Aurora, CO
Mohammad Islam, M.D. 2019 Banner Health, Phoenix, AZ
Sadikah Behbehani, M.D. 2019 UCR Women's Health Clinic, Riverside, CA
Lora Liu, M.D. 2018 Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, New York, NY
Beau Park, M.D. 2017 Jefferson Health, Philadelphia, PA
Arpit Dave, M.D. 2017 Penn State Health, Hershey, PA
Megan Wasson, D.O. 2016 Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ
Nora Bassiouni, M.D. 2015 Kaiser Permanente Ontario Medical Center, Ontario, CA
Megan Billow, D.O. 2014 UH Cleveland Medical Center Department of OB/GYN Cleveland, OH
Johnny Yi, M.D. 2013 Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ
Samar Nahas, M.D. 2012 UCR Women's Health Clinic, Riverside, CA

Previous graduates

NameGraduation YearDestination
Kristina Butler, M.D. 2011 Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ
Jennifer Klauschie, M.D. 2011 Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona, Glendale, AZ
Mohamed Akl, M.D. 2009 AZ Urogynecology & Pelvic Health Center, Mesa, AZ
Jaime Long, M.D. 2008 Reading Hospital Center for Pelvic Health Center, Mesa, AZ
Christina Bandera, M.D. 2008 Lifespan Women's Medicine Collaborative, Providence, RI
Rosanne Kho, M.D. 2007 Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Wesley Hilger, M.D. 2006 Sutter Health, Sacramento, CA
Antonio Pizarro, M.D. 2004 WK Pelvic & Reconstructive GYN Surgery, Shreveport, LA
Michael Hibner, M.D. 2003 St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ
Sean Francis, M.D. 2002 UofL Physicians OB/GYN & Women's Health, Louisville, KY
Robert Hammer, M.D. 2001 Denver, CO
Abraham Morse, M.D. 2000 Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Andrew Walter, M.D. 1999 Kaiser Permanente Women's Health, Roseville, CA
Paul Magtibay, M.D. 1998 Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ
Michael Noone, M.D. 1996 Illinois Urogynecology, Park Ridge, IL
Dorothy Krammerer-Doak, M.D. 1993  
Dee Fenner, M.D. 1992 MidMichigan Health Center for Women's Health, Midland, MI
Ingrid Nygaard, M.D., M.S. 1991  
Harvey Huddleston, M.D. 1990  
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