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Research Training

Research opportunities at Mayo Clinic are outstanding. The hands-on clinical experiences in this fellowship, combined with our expert laboratory and statistical support teams, create an environment that is well-suited to scientific investigation.

You will have access to faculty for guidance and mentoring, a statistical support team, and a full-service academic library. Fellows may also choose to collaborate with the department’s Research Fellow, who is hired each year. Classes in research design and statistics are also offered during the fellowship.

You will conduct clinical research projects during the fellowship with assistance and support from the faculty. This research is expected to result in a presentation at national meetings along with submission to peer-reviewed journals.

  • At least one manuscript is required for graduation, although most fellows complete several projects during their two-year training.
  • Fellows should expect to submit oral, video, or poster presentations and participate in scientific meetings every year, for which funding is provided.
  • As part of your research experience, you may also participate in laboratory-based research and collaborate with academicians at Arizona State University if desired.

The tri-site structure of Mayo Clinic facilitates multi-site projects and a large diverse cohort of potential research participants.

You will have protected research time as well as the opportunity to apply for project funding. Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education has a generous stipend to support trip days and travel reimbursements for research presentations.