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The majority of your time as a fellow is spent in an outpatient setting evaluating adult patients afflicted with various brain/spine tumors as well as complications of therapies. 

You will also engage in discussions regarding diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plans with patients and their families. The continuity clinic allows our fellows to have clinic time for patients follow-up. 

Block rotation schedule

1-2 Neuro-oncology clinic
3 Medical hematology/oncology
4 Neuropathology
5 Neuro-oncology clinic
6 Neuroradiology
7 Neuro-oncology clinic
8 Neurosurgery
9-10 Neuro-oncology clinic
11 Radiation oncology
12 Pediatric neuro-oncology
13 Neuro-oncology clinic

Longitudinal experiences

The fellowship also includes regularly scheduled time in the continuity clinic and conducting hospital consults.

ExperienceTime allocation
Continuity clinic 5 half-days per week
Hospital consults for neuro-oncology 2-4 hours per week


As a trainee, you will have the opportunity to participate in a rich variety of clinical conferences in the Department of Neurology. These include:

  • Weekly Neuroscience Conference at Mayo Clinic in Arizona
  • CNS Tumor Board
  • Neuro-Oncology Research Meeting
  • Cancer Center Grand Rounds
  • Neurosurgery Grand Rounds
  • Journal Club
  • M & M Conference
  • Annual Oncology Pharmacy Bootcamp (Chemotherapy review)
  • Annual Biostatistics Course