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Meet Our Residents

Learn about our current residents in the Orthodontics Residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Elisa Herrman, D.M.D.

Elisa Herrman, D.M.D.

Third year/chief resident

Dental education: Oregon Health & Science University

Hometown: A farm in Southwest Michigan

Hobbies: All things outdoors - hiking, camping, and kayaking. One of my favorite things is “Yak-Packing" (packing my kayak and camping on islands in the Puget Sound).

Favorite thing in Rochester: Exploring the paths around Rochester on runs and bike rides

Why Mayo: Mayo's care model is collaborative. I’m excited to be part of a healthcare model where different specialties work together to provide positive patient outcomes.

Future plans: In the Northwest, in Washington near the mountains

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Rachel Thorstenson, D.D.S.

Rachel Thorstenson, D.D.S.

Second year resident

Dental education: University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, class of 2022

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

Hobbies: Yoga and spending as much time outdoors as possible

Favorite thing in Rochester: Donuts and Banh Mi sandwiches at Old Abe’s Restaurant

Why Mayo: I love the passion that everyone has for continuing a tradition of high-quality and well-coordinated care.

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Jaerae Dell, D.D.S.

Jaerae Dell, D.D.S.

First year resident

Dental education: University of Michigan

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Hobbies: All things sports, music, video games

Favorite thing to do in Rochester: Mexican food trucks!

Why Mayo: With Mayo’s interprofessional patient care model I have the opportunity to work with and learn from the leaders and best in their respective dental and medical specialties. I wanted to be a part of a program that would challenge me as a clinician and equip me with the tools needed to achieve all my professional aspirations.

Future plans: Private practice setting in the Greater Toronto area 

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Learn about our graduates.

Lauren Wright, D.D.S.

Lauren Wright, D.D.S.

Graduate, class of 2023

Destination following graduation: Non-academic practice, Indianapolis, IN

Dental education: Indiana University School of Dentistry

Hometown: Avon, IN

Why Mayo: Mayo is unique in how it collaborates among different medical groups. Mayo also has a diverse patient base to work with and for which to provide treatment. I desired a program that promoted interprofessional collaboration among specialties and also allowed me to treat and learn from a wide variety of patients.

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Graduation of Mayo Clinic residents and fellows

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