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Meet Our Students

Mayo Clinic graduate students talking in outdoor plaza

Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences attracts and recruits students with diverse backgrounds, interests, talents and ambitions. This is no accident. We welcome a world of backgrounds, a world of interests, a world of talents, and a world of ambitions from which students can learn and grow.

Because Mayo brings together experts in everything from chemistry and neurosurgery to animal care and nuclear magnetic resonance, you’re able to gain insight from people completely outside your own field. You’re able to get involved in and learn about things you’d not otherwise have the chance to experience. You’re invited to embark on your biomedical research training and engage in a rigorous and collaborative research environment that’s unlike anywhere else.

Student association

The Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Student Association connects students, organizes student activities, and facilitates open communication between students and school administrators and faculty. Students in each Ph.D. program track select a fellow student to represent them in the association.