High school student participates in a diversity and inclusion program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
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A diverse healthcare team brings a range of experiences, perspectives, and innovations to deliver the highest quality healthcare. Every year, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science enrolls more than 4,000 learners from around the nation representing the breadth and depth of diversity that is prevalent in our patient base and in the communities we serve.

The Office for Education Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (OEDEI) staff facilitate new and ongoing diversity initiatives. The office advances diversity across Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science by working in concert with its schools and programs, as well as with community-based organizations. 

Our goal is to help attract and retain individuals of diverse backgrounds who have a commitment to medicine, patient care, and service.


Top Hospitals and Health Systems for Fairness (Fair360, formerly DiversityInc, 2024)

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Our mission

The Education Shield and Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science promotes the recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse learner groups, staff, and faculty. There is a commitment to create an environment where all individuals feel welcomed, included, and respected. There is intention to align efforts among all stakeholders in the institution to successfully retain and advance diverse learners, staff, and faculty across the continuum of medical education and research.


To cultivate a diverse learning environment, creating the excellence required to prepare the healthcare and biomedical research workforce of the future.


Primary value: The needs of the patient come first.

Core values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Healing
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship

Strategic goals

  • Recruit and retain. Recruit and retain learners, staff, and faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  • End racism and discrimination. End racism and discrimination through the increase and improvement of resources and opportunities to educate learners, staff, and faculty.
  • Sense of belonging. Enhance sense of belonging among learners, staff, and faculty.
  • Equitable opportunities. Provide equitable opportunities in academic and professional achievement.

Diversity champions

The Mayo Clinic education team helps each and every student navigate the application and enrollment process, as well as provides support to students once they arrive on campus and throughout their educational experience. 

Physician-scientist champions

Many of Mayo Clinic's world-class physicians and scientists also teach in the classroom, mentor students, and champion diversity in all aspects of education. They work to pass on the traditions and culture of Mayo Clinic, which includes an appreciation for diversity in all its forms. 

As members of the faculty at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, these champions advance Mayo's goals of maximizing diversity by encouraging all students and colleagues to bring their best to their academic studies and clinical responsibilities. Their efforts help ensure a thriving and diverse workforce of excellent healthcare providers for the future.