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Advanced Cardiovascular Sonography Program (Minnesota)

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees

Tuition is not required for students in the Advanced Cardiovascular Sonography Program. All admitted students will automatically receive the Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship, which covers the full cost of tuition. As long as students remain in good standing, they will receive this scholarship for the full duration of the program.

About the Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship

All programs within Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences are offered to help support and develop the staffing needs at Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic Workforce Development Scholarship provides students tuition-free access to specific educational programs that lead to health care careers where qualified candidates are needed and current job openings are in high demand.

Outside of this scholarship, financial aid is not available for the program.

Other mandatory expenses

The scholarship does not include travel and lodging for the clinical rotations. These costs will vary depending on the place of residence of each student. There are a total of 256 required clinical hours (Monday through Friday) during this program. Timing and duration of each student's clinical hours are individualized and may range from four hours a week to eight hours a day spread throughout the term.

Living expenses

Students are responsible for living and transportation expenses. Living expenses such as transportation, housing, and meals are not paid to the school.