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Cardiology, Echocardiology Fellowship (Arizona)


Program description

The one-year Echocardiology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic Arizona aims to find the very strongest cardiology fellows and transform them into the tomorrow's leaders in academic and clinical echocardiography. We believe our program provides superb training in all aspects of echocardiology in a supportive, collegial and stimulating environment.

Specifically, our program provides the opportunity for fellows to develop proficiency in performing and interpreting echocardiographic studies. The program focuses on helping fellows gain an in-depth understanding of echocardiographic and Doppler methods of assessing cardiovascular diseases and disorders.

Your training program can be customized to meet your individual career goals. You will work closely with a highly experienced and knowledgeable clinical and research faculty.

Program history

The Cardiology, Echocardiology Fellowship began in 2007 and will have its first fellow to complete the program in 2008. It is anticipated that one fellows will complete training in this program annually.