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Residencies and Fellowships

Choosing Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education

At Mayo Clinic, "team approach" is not just a saying. It’s a way of practicing medicine and caring for patients every day.

When you train at Mayo Clinic, you receive the best training available while working with physicians and allied health professionals from multiple disciplines to provide the best patient care. This includes working in an environment where patients and their family members are treated with the highest respect and dignity. You learn how to provide outstanding care to patients with diverse backgrounds and needs.

National recognition

As the first integrated, multispecialty group practice in the world and the No. 1 hospital in the United States, according to the 2019-2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals list, Mayo Clinic offers residents and fellows the opportunity to train in a highly supportive and collaborative environment that fosters the highest standard of medical care.

Learning at Mayo Clinic


Learning at Mayo Clinic

As a resident or fellow at Mayo Clinic, you have access to tremendous clinical, educational, and research resources throughout your training.

Mayo Clinic's premier academic medical practice provides:

  • A comprehensive clinical experience within your specialty. Learn to evaluate and treat patients with the full spectrum of diseases within your field, from the rare conditions to the more common cases.
  • Extensive research options. Find opportunities to conduct clinical, basic science, and translational research either as a participant in the Clinician-Investigator Training Program or as part of your clinical rotations with faculty and advisers.
  • Global health opportunities. Choose to participate in the Mayo International Health Program or volunteer with minority or underserved populations within one of Mayo's campus communities.
  • Career guidance and networking opportunities. Receive career guidance from faculty and advisers and learn about educational and career opportunities both within Mayo Clinic and at other institutions.
  • An understanding of the health care environment and effective practice management strategies. The Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery is a leading innovator in developing efficient and effective systems for delivering safe, high-quality health care for every patient.

A tradition of excellence

When you choose to train in a residency or fellowship at Mayo Clinic, you become part of the oldest and largest medical training program in the country — a program that has a longstanding tradition of teaching the art and the science of medicine.

The Mayo brothers not only pioneered the development of the integrated group practice of medicine, but also established one of America's first graduate training program in clinical medicine in 1915, enrolling 71 students in its first year. Learn more about Mayo’s history in graduate medical education.

Today, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education:

  • Has more than 1,700 active residents and fellows in 300 individual training programs, covering every medical and surgical specialty, across all Mayo campuses
  • Oversees the largest number of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited programs in the country and is the only integrated school of graduate medical education conducted across broad geographic regions

Financial aid: Assistance and counseling

Mayo Clinic is committed to helping you obtain the financial assistance necessary to achieve your educational and career goals. Services include:

  • Financial counseling. Learn more about the financial consulting services available to you as a Mayo resident or fellow.
  • Loan consolidation. Along with many other financial products and services, Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union offers private student loan consolidation for Mayo Clinic residents, fellows, and physicians.

From the dean

Steven H. Rose, M.D.

As dean of Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, I take great pride in working to ensure the education of skilled, compassionate medical and research professionals who deliver safe, high-quality patient care.

This work is accomplished by a dedicated team of associate deans, program directors, faculty, program coordinators, office staff, and administrators who are dedicated to improving and expanding our programs. Together we work to provide a comprehensive graduate medical education infrastructure that promotes excellence and innovation — building on the rich educational legacy started by the Mayo brothers more than 150 years ago.

Several distinct features set Mayo Clinic apart from other academic medical centers:

  • Our focus on the needs of the patient in all aspects of education, research, and patient care
  • The importance placed on educating a new generation of physicians
  • Our friendly, collegial team atmosphere among faculty, trainees, and other health professionals
  • The opportunity to learn and practice medicine with the best in the world
  • The opportunity to conduct research in an environment where it can be directly translated to patient care
  • The excitement of working with others who are striving to do their best today — and to do even better tomorrow

Welcome, and I hope you consider advancing your training and career through graduate medical education at Mayo Clinic.

Steven H. Rose, M.D.
Dean, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science