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Map of destinations alumni of the Clinical Microbiology Postgraduate Fellowship have gone after graduating from the program.
This map shows where ACGME and CPEP graduates from recent years have gone after completing the Clinical Microbiology Fellowships.

Graduate outcomes

The most important indicator of the success of a training program is found in the outcomes of the graduates upon completion of their training. The Division of Clinical Microbiology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has been training fellows since 1914. Since that time, more than 150 fellows have completed training. Graduates of the Clinical Microbiology Fellowships at Mayo Clinic are highly competitive and sought after for both fellowship and job opportunities.

Words from past alumni

Here's what a few of our graduates have to say about their experience in the Clinical Microbiology, M.D. (ACGME) or Ph.D. (CPEP) Postgraduate Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Class of 2022

"My first year of fellowship at Mayo Clinic has been extremely rewarding. I have been able to dive deeper into my fields of interests and explore new areas of interest, too. There are endless opportunities available to the fellows, and the consultants and lab members are always there to help. I also found it incredibly helpful to have a second-year fellow to show you the ropes, and to come in with an M.D. fellow and be able to learn from each other's experiences. Our exposure to the infectious disease and pathology departments and conducting rounds and presentations with other departments within Mayo and even internationally has really helped me grow as a clinical microbiologist in an extremely short time."

Anisha Misra, Ph.D.
Clinical Microbiology CPEP Fellowship graduate, Class of 2022

Class of 2021

"Coming straight from graduate school, I was terrified of what it meant to 'hold the pager' or 'be on call' - I wasn't an M.D.! Now, it has become second nature to answer calls, thanks to my excellent co-fellows I can discuss call cases with, and advice from our faculty that it is always okay to take a minute and gather your thoughts before giving an answer. The teamwork and advice made a huge difference in my training and now my confidence!

Though the pandemic changed some things, there is no place I would have rather been training. Sitting around the table working through bringing up a laboratory-developed test for SARS-CoV-2 in three weeks (something that normally takes six months or more) was an experience I'll never forget. The continued collaboration among experts from different disciplines and the microbiology labs' ability to adapt during that time hasn't stopped amazing me!"

Allison Eberly, Ph.D.
Clinical Microbiology CPEP Fellowship graduate, Class of 2021

Class of 2018

"From the very first day of fellowship orientation, it was clear to me that those who founded Mayo Clinic invested heavily in building quality systems and effective leadership. This culture permeates Mayo Clinic fellowship education to this day, including an unmatched leadership and management course for all clinical microbiology trainees. The content and subject matter education at Mayo is excellent, but the education in quality and leadership is simply not comparable to any other U.S. institution. During a time when so many health organizations are eroding the influence of their "physician leadership," training at Mayo will teach exactly what it means to put the patient first and provide a point of moral reference for the rest of your career."

Thomas Gniadek, M.D.
Clinical Microbiology ACGME Fellowship graduate, Class of 2018

Class of 2017

"I sincerely believe that the Clinical Microbiology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic has helped me become a better infectious disease physician and has impacted me positively in many ways. There are several advantages to choosing Mayo Clinic for fellowship training. I was exposed to a wide variety of pathogens and diagnostic tests that are available only in large reference laboratories such as Mayo Clinic Laboratories. There is a strong emphasis on laboratory research, and plenty of opportunities to collaborate on the development of novel diagnostic tests. The division has a strong record for academic productivity. The faculty are simply awesome and are committed to the education and well-being of their fellows. The close collaboration between faculty in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology is another unique advantage of this program. I truly enjoyed my fellowship at Mayo Clinic and would do it all again if I had to go back in time."

Poornima Ramanan, M.B.B.S.
Clinical Microbiology ACGME Fellowship graduate, Class of 2017

Recent graduates

Learn more about our recent graduates and where they have taken their talents after completing their fellowship training at Mayo Clinic. 

Clinical Microbiology CPEP Fellowship

Graduate name Graduation year Destination
Anisha Misra, Ph.D. Class of 2022 Directorship in Mycology and Parasitology at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Allison Eberly, Ph.D. Class of 2021 Assistant Medical Director of Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Infectious Diseases at Washington University in St. Louis/Barnes Jewish Hospitals, St. Louis, MO
Kyle Rodino, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP)  Class of 2020 Assistant Director of Clinical Microbiology and Assistant Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Sarah Jung, Ph.D. Class of 2019 Assistant Director of Clinical Microbiology, Children's Hospital in Colorado, Aurora, CO
Alexandra Bryson, Ph.D. Class of 2018 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Associate Director, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Rachael Liesman, Ph.D. Class of 2017 Director of Microbiology and Molecular Microbiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Clinical Microbiology ACGME Fellowship

Graduate name Graduation year Destination
Madiha Fida, MBBS Class of 2021 Pathologist in Infectious Disease, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Rebecca Marrero Rolon, M.D. Class of 2020 Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY
Andrew Norgan, M.D., Ph.D. Class of 2019 Pathologist in Microbiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Thomas Gniadek, M.D. Class of 2018 Northshore University Health System-Metro Chicago, Chicago, IL
Poornima Ramanan, MBBS Class of 2017 Infectious Disease, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR
Derrick Chen, M.D., M.S. Class of 2017 Associate Professor/Medical Director of Microbiology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI
Graduation of Mayo Clinic residents and fellows

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