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Clinical Scholar Track

A Clinical Scholar Track is available for those interested in a career in clinical research or scholarly practice.

This track is designed to augment a physician's clinical training by providing new skills and perspectives necessary to achieve future leadership positions. The track stresses training in the quantitative and qualitative sciences underlying the essential aspects of improving health care delivery and medical care systems.

The broader goal of the Clinical Scholar Track is to expand the body of knowledge related to endocrine, metabolic, and nutrition-related disorders and to develop effective therapeutic interventions.

This track includes clinical experiences working alongside subspecialists in specialty clinics followed by dedicated research time.

The curriculum is frequently revised in response to feedback from fellows and the evolution of endocrine practice.

Representative rotation schedule

Year 1

Rotation Length
Diabetes/Diabetes Technology/ Lipid and Outpatient Nutrition 2 months
Pituitary, Gonad & Adrenal Clinic and Transgender and Intersex Specialty Care Clinic 1.5 months
Metabolic Bone Disease Clinic and Parathyroid & Calcium Disease Clinic 1 month
Thyroid Rotation 1 month
Thyroid Nodule Clinic (ultrasound-guided FNA and cytology) 1 month
Inpatient Diabetes and Endocrinology Consult Service 3.5 months
Obesity and bariatric surgery clinic 0.5 month
Career Development/Electives 2 months
Continuity clinic 0.5 day each week

Year 2

Rotation Length
Endocrine Hospital Rotation 3 months
Endocrine Testing Center, Nuclear Medicine/Endocrine Clinical Laboratory 0.5 month
Reproductive Endocrinology/Endocrine Surgery 0.5 month
Pediatric Endocrinology 0.5 month
Pituitary, Gonad & Adrenal Clinic and Transgender & Intersex Specialty Care Clinic 0.5 month
Women's Health 1 month
Outpatient/Inpatient Nutrition 1 month
Career Development/Medical School Teaching/Electives 4 months
Continuity Clinic 0.5 day each week
Trip-Presentation/Vacation 1 month

Research for Clinical Scholar Track

As a fellow in the Clinical Scholar Track, you have the option to complete an additional year of research, which may be scheduled in the middle of, or at the end of, the two clinical years. If you choose to complete this additional year of research, you are expected to participate in existing protocols and initiate your projects beginning several months before the start of the research year. The choice of research mentor and preparation for a major project for this research year of fellowship training is accomplished during the previous year, during designated career development time.

Methods used to expose and guide you include presentations at research seminars, interactions with potential mentors during clinical rotations, one-on-one meetings with potential research mentors, elective time, and the assistance of the division's research chair and fellowship director.