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Hospital Medicine Fellowship (Minnesota)


Program description

More and more data suggest that physicians specializing in hospital medicine improve certain aspects of patient care and medical education. Dedicated hospitalists, when compared with physicians who have combination inpatient and outpatient practices, have been shown to improve a number of hospitalization-related variables, including mortality, patient satisfaction, re-hospitalization rate, length of stay, overall cost effectiveness, and both resident and nursing satisfaction.

Many of these benefits may result from hospitalists simply spending more time becoming experts in the delivery of care in the hospital. This fellowship — and a growing number of colleagues around the nation — believe that hospital medicine is sufficiently distinct from general internal medicine to justify special training in this field.

Training in Mayo Clinic's Hospital Medicine Fellowship prepares internal medicine specialists for careers as clinician-researchers or clinician-educators with expertise in managing acutely ill, complex medical patients.

The one-year Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is designed to:

  • Refine the knowledge and skill set of hospital medicine
  • Promote effective interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Promote research directed to improving the delivery of inpatient medical care
  • Produce national leaders in academic hospital medicine
  • Promote Mayo Clinic values in a rapidly growing national field

Our goal is to train physicians who will provide outstanding collaborative and comprehensive inpatient care, become superior medical educators and clinician-researchers, and become the future leaders in hospital medicine.

Mayo Clinic's mix of clinical, investigative, teaching and administrative experiences permits one to pursue any area of individual interest in hospital medicine.

Program history

The Hospital Medicine Fellowship began in 2001, and since that time 35 fellows have completed the program. Fifteen of those completing the program subsequently joined the staff within Mayo's Division of Hospital Internal Medicine.