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Jessie J. Hu, M.D.

Jessie J. Hu, M.D.

What attracted you to pediatric cardiology?

I love thinking through cardiac anatomy and physiology. In pediatric cardiology there is an entire universe of combinations of pathologies that generate their own unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, so you'll never get bored. I also like that we learn an entire skill set unique to the field — such as performing and reading Echos, caths, and ECGs — that generate information to help with diagnosis and management. The children and their families are great as well and I appreciate the privilege to follow patients long-term and get to know the families.

What attracted you to Mayo Clinic for fellowship training?

I had always heard good things about Mayo from friends who had either interviewed or trained here, or who had come to seek care here as patients. When I interviewed here I was impressed with how much thought was put into the fellows' curriculum and how strong the focus is on the fellows' education and training. There is an abundance of resources at our disposal. The cardiologists that train here seemed to be very competitive candidates for jobs and subspecialty fellowship positions after training.

How is your fellowship at Mayo Clinic going?

I've really enjoyed my fellowship so far. I'm amazed at how much teaching takes place on a daily basis, whether in the form of morning conferences and/or one-on-one teaching. The staff here are incredible — very knowledgeable, and frequently are leaders in their respective fields.

Did anything surprise you about Mayo Clinic's program?

The learning environment has been very supportive and the collegiality among the fellows makes the experience enjoyable. My co-fellows' friendship and willingness to help out made the transition from residency to fellowship and the move from Chicago to Rochester a lot smoother than I had expected.

What is living in Rochester, Minnesota, like for you?

Rochester is a nice, easy place to live that has all of the things I need, nice restaurants and coffee shops, and easy access to miles of trails for running and biking. My husband works in the Twin Cities, which is a quick drive. We spend most of our weekends going out, trying new restaurants, and attending events.