Brittany J. Moore, M.D.

Brittany Moore, M.D.

Scholarly activity

  • Kiene JO, Moore BJ, et al. Scopolamine withdrawal in a SCI patient with NG tube removal. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 2014;93(suppl):A44.
  • Moore JB, Aquadro RL, Moore BJ. Trapeziectomy homograft interposition suture suspension (THISS) arthroplasty of thumb CMC joint. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2011;128(suppl):77.
  • Kiene JO, Moore BJ, et al. Scopolamine withdrawal in a SCI patient with NG tube removal. Poster presented at: Association of Academic Physiatrists Annual Meeting; 2014; Nashville, Tenn.
  • Moore BJ, et al. Does walking, stretching or sitting after induced muscle soreness affect acute muscle soreness and lower body flexibility in young? Poster presented at: Southwest Association of Sports Medicine Conference; 2008; San Diego, Calif.

Why physical medicine and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic?

The first thing that stood out to me is the universally encouraging and educational environment fostered throughout Mayo Clinic, with the PM&R department being no exception. Additionally, the PM&R department is highly respected and well-utilized at Mayo.

The curriculum focuses on obtaining a detailed understanding of anatomy. It has unique additions such as a musculoskeletal cadaver dissection, ultrasound didactic courses and a six-month course of EMG training.

Lastly, the residency offers comprehensive training in outpatient, inpatient and procedures available within the continuously expanding field of PM&R, allowing trainees to pursue a practice that best fits their individual interests.

Personal interests and hobbies

I enjoy traveling, cooking, picnicking, and partaking in a variety of recreational sports and activities — all of which are even better when spending time with friends, family, my significant other Jamie and my cat, Mo.

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