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Microvascular Skills and Cadaver Lab

Plastic surgery resident working in the operating room at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Microsurgical Skills Lab

Mayo Clinic’s Microvascular Surgery Skills Training Course is a five-day program focused on developing skills in microvascular surgical techniques on a rodent model. All residents take this course early in their PGY-2 year and will establish the skills necessary for hand-sewn, end-to-end arterial and venous anastomoses.

Plastic surgery resident working in the cadaver lab at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.After completing the course, you have access to this facility and can practice microvascular anastomosis at any time during your training.

A Supermicrosurgery Course was recently established, specifically geared toward teaching anastomotic techniques in vessel diameters smaller than 0.8 mm, and is offered to Chief Residents.

Cadaver lab

The Mayo Clinical Procedural Skills Lab houses a state-of-the-art cadaver lab. The Plastic Surgery Residency curriculum incorporates small group anatomy teaching sessions focused on improving your knowledge of surgical anatomy and procedures. During your training you will have the opportunity to cover the breadth of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery under the guidance of dedicated faculty mentors.