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Radiation Oncology Residency (Minnesota)

Meet Our Residents

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Our residents and faculty foster a collegial environment and education-focused culture that provides an inclusive learning experience. Training can be challenging, but our program is close-knit and each resident brings a dedication to providing stellar patient care as well as a collaborative learning experience.

Meet our current residents in the Radiation Oncology Residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

 Class of 2022

Elizabeth Jeans

Elizabeth Jeans, M.D.
Chief Resident

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Medical school: Rush University Medical Center

Interests: MedEd, technical aspects of RT delivery, head & Neck, GI, Gyne/Prostate brachy

William Breen

William Breen, M.D.

Hometown: Hillsboro, North Dakota

Medical school: Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

Interests: Improving patient care, clinical trials, and radio-immunotherapy

Kimberly Gergelis

Kimberly Gergelis, M.D.

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Medical school: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Interests: GI, breast, GU, physician wellbeing

Class of 2023

Danielle Cunningham

Danielle Cunningham, M.D.

Hometown: Grain Valley, MO

Medical school: University of Missouri – Kansas City 6-Year Accelerated BA/MD Program

Interests: Pediatric oncology, CNS, sarcoma, proton therapy

Hunter Gits

Hunter Gits, M.D.

Hometown: Edina, MN

Medical school: University of Michigan Medical School

Interests: Secondary malignancies, impact of diet/exercise on outcomes

Lindsay Morris

Lindsay Morris, M.D.

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Medical school: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Interests: Head and neck, lung

Class of 2024

Kaitlin W. Qualls MD

Kaitlin Qualls, M.D.

Hometown: Savannah, TN

Medical school: University of TN Health Science Center

Interests: CNS, Head and Neck

Roman O. Kowalchuk MD

Roman Kowalchuk, M.D.

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Medical school: University of Virginia School of Medicine

Interests: SBRT, Lung, CNS

Robert W. Gao MD

Robert Gao, M.D.

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Interests: Prostate cancer, oligometastasis directed therapy

Class of 2025

Jessica Burlile, M.D.

Jessica Burlile, M.D.

Hometown: Boise, ID

Medical school: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Interests: Head and neck, palliative radiotherapy, veterans' health

Daniel Ebner, M.D., M.P.H.

Daniel Ebner, M.D., M.P.H.

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Medical school: Brown University

Interests: Clinical trials of novel technology: heavy/multi-ion, FLASH, machine learning

Yasamin Sharifzadeh, M.D.

Yasamin Sharifzadeh, M.D.

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Medical school: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (Medical College of Virginia)

Interests: Geriatric oncology, radiation for non-malignant diseases, patient reported outcomes