A fellow in the Simulation, Telemedicine, Robotics and eXperimental Education program at Mayo Clinic
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The Simulation, Telemedicine, Robotics and eXperimental Education Fellowship at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, Florida, is a unique multidisciplinary fellowship focused on training the next generation of physician-scientist-innovators in the four major domains of simulation, telemedicine, robotics, and experimental education.

STR-X fellows achieve a cutting-edge, interprofessional skill set of knowledge around several emerging technologies, including:

  • Telemedicine and telerobotics
  • Haptic feedback interfacing
  • Emerging immersive learning platforms using augmented reality and virtual reality

Through this 12-month fellowship, you will design projects where this technology can help advance and help address global health care disparities.

We seek highly motivated and qualified physicians to become future STR-X leaders that will help transform health care in the near future.

Views of our Florida campus


Views of our Florida campus

Program history

The STR-X Fellowship at Mayo Clinic begins in July 2023. We anticipate that one fellow will complete this program annually.

Training the next generation

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Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Florida.
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Jacksonville, FL

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